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In the Amazon jungle.


Amazonas is a gustatory immersion in the Peruvian cuisine of the Amazon.

It is a cuisine, born from the fusion of several cultures, enriched over the centuries by the different populations who have stayed there. It has a base of typical ingredients like plantain, rice and a wide variety of meats like beef,  chicken, fish, lamb and pork. Their use is declined in a variety of tasty dishes, with varied tastes that we invite you to discover in our menu.

Discover our Peruvian restaurant in Paris, at 36 rue du Hameau, in the 15th arrondissement.

Our team

The Amazonas team is above all a family. Straight from the Amazon of Peru and proud to introduce you to the flavors of their native land. 

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Amazonas is also a place of life and celebration. 

Reservation of large tables or privatization of the place.

Call us for this service.

We love our culture, and make you discover exclusive exhibitions of Peruvian artists.


36 rue du Hameau 

75015 Paris 


01 71 32 23 18

+33 7 68 90 71 10

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